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Precision. Durability. Delicacy. Fluidity.

Wire and extrusion sculptures resolve the durability of wire mesh with the fluidity of a raindrop. The fluidity of these pieces combine organic shapes in nature with mechanical, rigid, high-tech materials. Each sculpture is designed to emphasize the pattern of the grid by casting shadows when the sculptures are hung on a wall. I start with a paper template that describes the shape, then roll out the stainless steel roll of mesh wire, and cut the wire into patterns. Working with cut wire, the pieces are assembled in a painstaking process that can take months. Over time, the same repetitive form is elaborated as the work takes on a life of its own.


Prototype for a star

To create prototypes for 10-foot-tall wall projections, I created these 3D-printed sculptures. Each is an experiment with different materials that combine repetition with beauty and machine-made density. 

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